It’s one of the very rare moments that attendees of a fashion show have to leave their seats and stand to make sure they don’t miss a moment. There are no models strolling down the catwalk showing off clothes this time. The runway has been turned into a dance theatre stage. RiaToss Productions’ theatrical art piece, “The Inglourious Bitches”, had no limits when displaying the cult aspect in the night’s theme of cult/culture.

A bride dressed in all black with red roses, a troupe of edgy and energetic dancers in leather and combat boots and a wheel chair embellished with black roses, a dirty American flag and a gold skull all added to the visual story being told — a story suggesting a dystopian society ruled by fashion dictators. There is a death abstractly represented when the bride runs out at the beginning of the performance and drops to the floor abruptly. Then a rebirth when the man being pushed around by the bride in the wheelchair has his ponytail chopped off.

The fashion army stomping, strutting and spinning on the runway is well dressed with black leather jackets, shorts and skirts. With sheer button ups, leather collars and gold neckpieces, as well as dark eye and lip makeup, there is nothing soft or delicate about this edgy performance piece at Fashion Art Toronto week.

Words By. Emma Kombora + Photos By. Candace Nyaomi

Emma Kombora first found her interest for writing after graduating a journalism program in which she was Entertainment Editor for a youth-led magazine called Say Word through East Metro Youth Services in Scarborough. Through the same program at East Metro and other art/music initiatives in Toronto, she got a taste of everything that goes into journalism from writing and editing to photography. She hopes through Urbanology she can take her experience and knowledge to the next level and bring a new narrative to the world of entertainment and arts.

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