California newcomer Kamaiyah, turns out a mansion party in her latest video, “Mo Money Mo Problems”.

Her name started buzzing earlier this year after she was featured on YG’s “Why You Always Hatin’?” featuring Drake. Prior to that, she released her well-received debut project A Good Night in the Ghetto, also featuring YG. “Mo Money Mo Problems”, a west coast party anthem, serves as the mixtape’s fourth single.

Kamaiyah is a West Coast young gun to keep an eye on.

The track, although not reflective of Biggie’s anthem of the same name, still channels a ’90s vibe. Bottles of Moet in the air, VHS-style shots of bottles popping in a hot tub. People in a palace wearing throwback Tommy Hilfiger, Polo and Champion gear everywhere. It’s almost like Yo! MTV Raps came back on to air in 2016 and decided to host the show live from a Puff Daddy mansion party.

“Mo Money, Mo Problems” sounds like a song that could’ve been put out during the height of the Bad Boy/Death Row era. The production has all of the elements of a top 10 song on the Billboard charts in ’95. With a nostalgic approach to her music, Kamaiyah is a West Coast young gun to keep an eye on.

Aron A. is a writer and journalist currently based in Montreal. Focused on hip-hop culture, he seeks to discover the stories behind the art.

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