After his last mixtape, City in Gold, fans of Luu Breeze were left awaiting new music. The artist needed some time to progress his sound. Now he’s back, with his first single of the year, “Hearts in the Trunk”, which debuted exclusively on FLOW 93.5 FM courtesy of radio personalities P-Plus and Mastermind, who have shown nothing but love for Breeze throughout his young career, he says. Here’s what he had to say about his comeback track:

TAKE ME BACK TO RECORDING THE TRACK. WHAT WAS THE EXPERIENCE LIKE? As far as writing the song it was just basically off of I guess a little bit of personal experience as far as females catching feelings when it’s supposed to be one thing, but it’s the other, then somebody, one of the parties gets caught feeling more for the other person and it’s like somebody has to play the heart breaker. That’s basically what the song is based around, heart breaking and what not, and keeping it moving.

WHAT IS IT LIKE FOR YOU TO CREATE SONGS THAT ARE BASED OFF OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCES? It’s much easier… [It] doesn’t always have to necessarily mean it’s a story of mine, but it’s definitely something that I was either around, part of or seen with my own eyes and it’s just easier to write real life situations and base records off personal experience.

WHAT IS IT LIKE COLLABORATING WITH DANIEL WORTHY? Well a lot of people don’t know that’s my brother. He knows what I like as far as the sound I’m going for. I’ll create on the sound he sends to me. “Hearts in the Trunk” was literally created on a loop he sent to me. When I sent it back to him he was even like, ‘whoa, this is crazy.’ It’s easy working with him. That’s like my go to guy, we kind of have a connection now as far as a sound and a method of how we work.

“Hearts in the Trunk” is like I’m almost not proud of breaking the hearts, but it is what it is, it’s the reality and I’m moving forward. I felt like the darkness of [the artwork] represented the cold heartedness of the record.

WHY DID YOU SELECT “HEARTS IN THE TRUNK” TO BE YOUR NEW SINGLE RIGHT NOW? It was the first single I released all year, we wanted to start this new music campaign based off with this record. I felt it was a personal record. I felt a lot of females would like the record, and a lot of males as well, but we just wanted to start it off with something mellow, that you could bump in your car, but then for the summer we’re going to hit ’em with something a lot more head bangish so to speak.

WHAT WAS THE VISION BEHIND THE ARTWORK FOR THE SINGLE? I had a photo shoot, and we were messing around with a few photos and looks. I was playing the record one day and I was going through the photos and then I seen that one… I wanted something dark. You kind of could see me in it, but I wanted it to be dark. “Hearts in the Trunk” is like I’m almost not proud of breaking the hearts, but it is what it is, it’s the reality and I’m moving forward. I felt like the darkness of it represented the cold heartedness of the record, but yet the little pink flamingo was the light at the end of the tunnel, like moving on and you’ll get over it type thing.

HEARTS IN THE TRUNK, SUM UP WHAT THAT MEANS TO YOU. Hearts in the trunk, keep it moving, just keep on that road, and keep moving forward, the broken hearts and all that is behind you. It’s in the past.

Interview By. Priya Ramanujam

Priya Ramanujam is the editor of Urbanology Magazine. She co-founded the publication in 2004 with Adrian McKenzie, while a journalism student at Humber College.

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