Toronto’s own King Reign recently released a gritty new video for his song “Killer”. The video is co-directed by Paulo Rubio and has already received a lot of attention on the net. It tells the story of a man (played by King Reign) who gets his hands on the infamous Rob Ford “crack video” that is suddenly worth a lot of money. Reign, who describes his upcoming album Sincere by saying every song is a “real story”, certainly delivers with this video.

“I knew I wanted to do something to show the criminal element and how it’s so close to us in at risk neighbourhoods, but I wanted to have a story that is happening right now and Rob Ford was just perfect,” he says.

The song itself has a very interesting and debatable message, which Reign decides to summarize with a quote from Tupac at the end: “The same crime element you’re afraid of, we’re afraid of. Except we live beside the killer.” If this is any indication of the type of music King Reign will be putting out soon then hip-hop fans are in for a treat.

Words By. Patrick Dennis Jr.