Whether it’s the Clueless look, the Rock n’ Roll look, or the classic Daisy look with a twist, this winter promises that while the fashion minded might still freeze, at least they be allowed to look good while doing it – at least if GUESS has anything to say about it.

The GUESS holiday preview featured a variety of themes, prints and denims. One in particular that embodied the timeless style of GUESS was the aforementioned Daisy look, but this time adapted to black denim featuring a more painted look of the flower-inspired design, compared to the line’s previous lighter washed denim. The denim collection features a variety of fits including low, regular and high waist options.

Also available from GUESS this holiday, is the University of Pop collection, which is reminiscent of the 90s teenie bopper film, Clueless. It is complete with aero descent chunky necklaces, over washed, over worn and over torn denims, pastel grey, pink, blue and green light knit sweaters, fun lollipop graphic tees and faux sheep wool pastel blue and white jackets. These looks are perfect for going out with friends for movie or shopping dates. The light colours within this theme prove it’s not all about dark colours during the winter. Pair the light, over-washed, distressed denim with a graphic tee tied to one side and the faux sheep wool jacket for a picture perfect look.

An edgier theme called Misfits, inspired from the 90s GUESS campaign featuring Drew Barrymore, has a much harder darker punk rock vibe to its style, the complete polar opposite of University of Pop. The theme features full-length, long-sleeved, mesh dresses with shorter solid black under layers, long sleeve mesh crop tops with solid black under layers, leopard print purses, vests, jeans, black overalls, gold chunky chain chokers and faux fur leopard print jackets. The black overalls paired with the faux fur leopard print jacket would make a great party/clubbing outfit where the edgier would be seen as better.

The collection closes out with its traditional theme. This choice in design features more dresses and pieces typical of GUESS. It features sequins dresses, super soft white faux fur jackets, one-piece long pant rompers, short jumpers and plenty of outerwear. The sequins dress paired with the white faux fur jacket is ideal for work holiday parties or family dinners.

Words By. Jelicia Saulter + Photos By. Iris Gill

Going into journalism school was the perfect fit for Toronto born writer, brand ambassador and staff comedian, Jelicia Saulter. Always having a knack for reading tangible material, working for a magazine that still had print was a no brainer. Being the third of six children, in the 90s she was always surrounded by good music from 70s and 80s hip-hop, R&B, soul and jazz to rap, pop and disco passed down from her two older sisters. Being raised by her grandmother and told many times, “when bored read a book,” writing and reading became a second nature habit. There was no surprise that when nothing spoke to her growing up, music was always there. Looking for the next up and comer is a treat while being able to visit different countries and venues doing her job for #TeamUrbanology.

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