David Kollar may seem like an up and comer in the fashion world to some, but he’s actually well versed in creating clean lines and timeless pieces. Designing for 10 years and having his self-titled men’s wear clothing line, KOLLAR, for four of those years, the veteran designer knows what is needed to enhance a man’s aesthetic.

From patchwork tailored dress shirts that can be combined with sweats, khakis or jeans, to comfortable knitwear, that could be paired with a collared shirt and tie, KOLLAR has a variety of looks for its diverse clientele. In the past, KOLLAR’s unique pieces have even caught the eye of notables such as rapper Waka Flocka, artist duo DVBBS, and actor/comedian Marlon Wayans.

Staying true to the brand, the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, shown at both Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and Agenda in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers an array of classic pieces, remixed with the traditional KOLLAR touch.

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Take for instance the classic men’s varsity jacket – popularized by modern fashion icons Kanye West, Jay-Z and David Beckham. KOLLAR’s take on the statement piece is an addition of black leather sleeves, while the rest of the jacket remains an olive green. Staying on trend with the two tones, which has been popular for over a decade, KOLLAR introduces a city slicker approach to the core item.

Staying true to his personal style and vision for fashionable males of the future, designer Kollar aspires to bring a world-class edge to his line, whether it is on or off the runway.

WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR YOUR F/W 15 COLLECTION? I’m a fan of darker colours, a lot of details. We try to be flashy, not through colours and really bright prints, [but] in our details, and the use of darker colours like black, grey, olive. We try to make it not too emo, but it’s a good mix of both.

Ideally the KOLLAR male [would be] a guy that wants to be a little bold, who lives downtown, likes to party and have fun and likes to live life on the edge.

WHO DO YOU FIND WEARS YOUR LINE MOST? It’s funny because we have a [wide] range. Sometimes [we have] people from 16 to 24, and then we have older guys from 26 to 35. We try to make timeless pieces, so I’m hoping in [10 years’ time] people still wear it; it’s not just a trend that comes and goes.

WHO IS THE KOLLAR MALE? Ideally the KOLLAR male [would be] a guy that wants to be a little bold, who lives downtown, likes to party and have fun and likes to live life on the edge.

WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR DESIGNER AND STYLE INSPIRATIONS? I really like a lot of gothic looks, but [I feel] like I can’t pull it off and I look really strange with it; so [I get inspired] by a darker ninja style mixed with a classic European style so everyone could wear it. Urban-modern European.

WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE YOUR LINE IN FUTURE? I’m hoping we could be more international; in Europe [and abroad], in the future definitely more stores, but we don’t want to saturate it as well; just the right amount.

Photos By. Fitzroy Facey

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