The sound alone draws you in. The slow piano and ambient-like beat produced by Jay El complements the voice of Mad Kids Records’ member, ELMNT.

The Yugoslavia born, Toronto raised emcee starts off by emphasizing living life gloriously on the almost three minute single, “J”.

ELMNT’s rhymes go from a warning to not be caught burning kush by the burning bush to briefly touching upon religion where he explains that “Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Judaist, they all the same.” Although, at the end of the verse he raps, “Lord knows what life would have looked like without Christ.”

He spits that he’s working on solutions for the soulless. Then the track slowly fades with the sound of snaps, while he talks about the things he appreciates.

His music has the potential to have solutions for what some people are missing from their playlists. Keep an eye open for the rapper’s album Stara-Nova, coming soon.

Faduma Mohamed

At a young age, Faduma Mohamed began her journey with writing through poetry and storytelling, but decided to make the transition to journalistic writing in university, where she is now studying English and Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. Mohamed is also one of the organizers of local Toronto community arts organization, R.I.S.E. Edutainment.

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