Through the lens of a VHS camcorder, Danny Brown releases his hallucinogenic lyric video for Atrocity Exhibition posse-cut “Really Doe” featuring a star-studded line up of Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar.

The video consists of camcorder footage of each artist performing live with the lyrics written in pink VCR OSD (on-screen display) mono font scrolling up the screen like a song on a karaoke machine — adding to the whole ’90s grunge aesthetic.

Visually, the release keeps in sync with the overall sound of the project:psychedelic and lo-fi. “Really Doe” aesthetically matches the album’s two previous video releases “When It Rain” and “Pneumonia” with all three videos sharing similar dash-cam/camcorder quality shots.

Produced by fellow Detroit rapper and producer Black Milk, “Really Doe” stands as one of the best posse-cuts of the year. Danny’s volatile flow and off-kilter voice delivers a verse covering everything from his fashion fetish and drug usage to life in Detroit. Ab-Soul and Lamar hold their own as arguably two of Top Dawg Entertainment’s most lyrical members, with Kendrick actually penning the hook. Despite Earl’s monotone flow, he seems to match the energy of his peers with a stand-out verse on the record.

Photo Source: Jon Elbaz/Wikimedia Creative Commons

Aron A. is a writer and journalist currently based in Montreal. Focused on hip-hop culture, he seeks to discover the stories behind the art.

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