With the use of straps, ropes, lace and sheer fabrics, Carrie Russell’s Ce Soir collection is reminiscent of the soft atmosphere of European décor and transports the audience to a room in France circa the 1920s. She is able to capture the sophistication of the early 20th century woman and translate it to fit the less reserved style of the modern woman.

The lingerie line uses earthy tones like emeralds, browns and tans, with select pieces coloured in bold burgundies and reds. A stand out garment is a silk-draped fabric piece tightly fitted around the chest and flowing freely down to the floor with slits at the front to accent the legs and a peacock feather print to give it that extra touch of elegant detail.

Other eastern influences could be seen in the use of beaded embroidery and gold chains draping the models and garments, the way it would be seen on an expensive sari. Each piece is put together with intricate details and cuts to help extenuate the soft femininity in any woman.

Words By. Emma Kombora + Photos By. Candace Nyaomi