Retro clothing company Mitchell & Ness (M&N) is bringing the heat to the north with its limited edition 2016 Black & Gold NBA All-Star collection.

In partnership with the Toronto Raptors and Champs Sports, the line unveiled its fresh digs Tuesday at a preview bash hosted by YesJulz and GetJanet and featuring special guest performer Pusha T.

The collection, which features a series of crewnecks, jerseys, T-shirts, varsity jackets, caps and toques swathed in black with gold detailing, is a nod to the Toronto Raptors’ Global Ambassador, Drake, who pushes the same colour scheme with his OVO brand. M&N has also added a number of Toronto Raptors and All-Star patches to its pieces.

Pusha T performing at the Mitchell & Ness 2016 Black & Gold collection launch party.  // Photo By. Sadé Powell // © Urbanology Magazine
Pusha T performing at the Mitchell & Ness 2016 Black & Gold collection launch party. // Photo By. Sadé Powell // © Urbanology Magazine

“Mitchell & Ness is the only brand that has all three of the Raptors patches on their stuff plus the All-Star [patches]. They represent all the way from the ’95 to 2015’s brand of the patches. They’ve incorporated that with all of their apparel right now,” explains M&N brand ambassador Lynn Larbi.

The M&N retro varsity jacket with ‘Toronto’ scrawled in white lettering across the back, was on full display when the G.O.O.D Music President himself, King Push, emerged in it to perform for guests.

Social media manager for M&N, William Warren Jr., says Pusha T was the perfect person to facilitate the collection’s inauguration.

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“He’s basically family with Mitchell & Ness. Having him involved, I can’t really think of another artist – outside of maybe Kanye West – where it makes more sense for Mitchell & Ness to pair with an artist,” says Warren Jr.

Pusha’s performance turned explosive when he got into crowd favourites such as “Mercy”, “Move That Dope” and “Untouchable”. In between sets he declared his love for the city and even signed a few autographs for fans.

Pop-ups for the Mitchell & Ness 2016 NBA All-Star collection will be held at the Champs at 340 Yonge St. and Get Fresh Company at 498 Queen St. W. until the end of All-Star Sunday.

Photos By: Sadé Powell © Urbanology Magazine

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    I recently saw someone wearing one of these hoodies in their video on YouTube and the hoodie immediately caught my eye. I was wondering if there is anywhere I could buy this exclusive Toronto Raptors hoodie and what it would be running for.

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