Trey Songz shows his vocal capability, love for the female body and sensuality on his latest album Trigga. Opening the album is “Cake”, which is the perfect showcase of his vocals, and sets the tone of what to expect from the project. The snare drums in the background are just loud enough for heads to bob to and the rhythm is just smooth enough to still have that R&B flow. On “Disrespectful” featuring Mila J, Jhene Aiko’s older sister, the song talks about cheating from a male and female’s perspective, but not as the victim, rather as the perpetrator. It’s a good twist to the usual, “I’ve been cheated on,” scenario. This has just enough rhythm to play in the club, dance to or even chill out at home to.

Trey’s previous album Chapter 5 gave off more heartbreak vibes and made for a great breakup album, but Trigga has more of a dance vibe, it’s something to bump in the car on the way to a party. Plus the vocals are what fans have come to expect from Trey: flawless excellence.

On Repeat: “Cake”, “Disrespectful” ft. Mila J, “Foreign (Remix)” ft. Justin Bieber

Production 4 // Lyrics 4 // Vocals 5 // Creativity 3 // Overall 4

Words By. Jelicia Saulter

Going into journalism school was the perfect fit for Toronto born writer, brand ambassador and staff comedian, Jelicia Saulter. Always having a knack for reading tangible material, working for a magazine that still had print was a no brainer. Being the third of six children, in the 90s she was always surrounded by good music from 70s and 80s hip-hop, R&B, soul and jazz to rap, pop and disco passed down from her two older sisters. Being raised by her grandmother and told many times, “when bored read a book,” writing and reading became a second nature habit. There was no surprise that when nothing spoke to her growing up, music was always there. Looking for the next up and comer is a treat while being able to visit different countries and venues doing her job for #TeamUrbanology.

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