Fabolous is a person you’d call a true veteran. See, it’s not enough for you to last a long time in the game, you need to establish a certain level of respect, talent and most importantly, a strong track record. Fab has all of that. No one really expects Fabolous to have a resurgence in the rap game, but then again, he’s never really gone cold. It’s because he can so deftly slip into the current sound without selling his soul. Take “We Good” featuring Rich Homie Quan. It sounds very much like something you could hear Drake on, or “Ball Drop” with French Montana’s familiar shower-ready harmony.

Unfortunately, Fabolous still regularly teeters on the edge of corny.

It’s all very contemporary, but still singular enough to credit Fab with its infectiousness; rather than its sonic familiarity. Unfortunately, Fabolous still regularly teeters on the edge of corny. “Bish Bounce” is forgettable and provides none of the comic flair of “Cuffin Season” and “Gone for the Winter”, with its familiar Lee Erwin sample, just sounds bad.

The Young O.G. Project has some solid moments, but the ’90s rehashes and overall lack of experimentation makes it another Fab release we’ll forget about, like whatever the last two tapes were called.



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