It’s been awhile since we heard from the ladies of The Sorority. They’ve been hard at work on their debut album, Pledge. However, the quartet comprised of Haviah Mighty, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis and Phoenix Pagliacci, couldn’t let an International Woman’s Day pass without dropping some heat. The crew commemorated last year’s IWD with a remake of the classic “Ladies Night” featuring soulstress Leila Dey. This year, the crew re-ups with the first single off their upcoming album, “SRTY”; a raucous bottom-filled anthem with an appropriate accompanying video that can only be described as empowering.

The video starts off with a symbolic, yet comical, destruction of the male patriarchy with a trio of unsuspecting guys getting tied up. This, of course, then leads to the team throwing a banging house party as “SRTY” bumps through the halls.

Lex Leosis opens the salvo with an aggressive swagger that enhances her self-aggrandizing lyrics. Haviah gets a little more playful in her crimson-tinged scene. Filled with blunts, bottles and a hilarious chomp of Cap’n Crunch, it provides an interesting contrast to Lex’s scenes in visuals and lyrics.

If they can maintain their GPA, The Sorority will be graduating into the game with honours.

Phoenix’s verse is the most poignant. Laced with anger, pride and a message that is just the right amount of “Time’s up” and “Me too” sentiments, it’s the perfect summation of the voice that The Sorority speaks with. Lastly, Keysha brings her usual against-the-grain flow and melodic cadence to close out the overture.

If “SRTY” is any indication, Pledge is going to be a special debut for The Sorority. If they can maintain their GPA, The Sorority will be graduating into the game with honours.

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