The Jabra Solemate is the small speaker that could. The portable speaker is small in size, but packs enough sound capability to make the neighbours come knocking.

Not only does the all-in-one speaker system, with its built-in integrated subwoofer and dual tweeters, bump, but it’s also not picky about what it’s compatible with. Smartphones, mp3 players, laptops or tablets – the Solemate can connect to all of them by Bluetooth or by wire. Up to 10 metres away from a device and the speaker can still bang, so turn the laptop on, open up the music player, grab the Solemate and head into the bathroom for all the shower singing that’s desired.

And speaking of singing in the shower, standing firm on top of a rubber grip that resembles a shoe bottom, the Solemate doesn’t slip, no matter the surface, and unlike its miniature speaker competitors it doesn’t bounce around when it’s blasting pure bass.

It’s as though the folks at Jabra figured out music lovers’ every need. Not only does the 3.5 mm cord used to connect to devices have its own home in the sole, so the likelihood of misplacing it is greatly decreased, but the battery life and connectivity status of the speaker is easily detected by lights on the unit’s side. This way the heart sinking feeling of packing a speaker that needs to re-charge for a day on the town can be avoided.

For those in the market for a new home entertainment system either for themselves or a loved one this holiday season, at $159.99 the Jabra Solemate, which can play for up to eight hours wirelessly and weighs just over 600 grams, is definitely something to consider.

Words By. Priya Ramanujam

Priya Ramanujam is the editor of Urbanology Magazine. She co-founded the publication in 2004 with Adrian McKenzie, while a journalism student at Humber College.

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