On this episode of The Curb podcast, hosts Bluu and Lahgic sit down with Clifton “KLFTN” Reddick, founder of Battle of the Beat Makers (BBM) and Sound Supremacy Entertainment. They have a quick chat about friends gone astray, whether or not it’s possible to go too far in a rap battle, the 10-year cycle of top tier rap artists and why Bluu felt he needed to see Birth of a Nation even though he’s tired of seeing slave movies. Then KLFTN dives into his newest project, Toronto Sound Vol.1, a memoir of his journey though 30 years in Toronto hip-hop, chronicalling his escape from violence to Nova Scotia, the radio gigs that built his foundation and the formation of BBM.

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Recorded and engineered by. @Herdthetrains + @MaajinnBluu

Music by. @RiggsMauph

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