Listening to this album you could hear and feel the pain Robin Thicke felt of losing his love Paula, who the album is titled after. Song after song Thicke apologizes to his former wife for his lies and infidelities.

His vocal capabilities are much higher than what he shows on this album and he misses the beat of what his fans and supporters have grown to expect from him. Still, Robin has penned a few songs that tug on heartstrings.

On “Get Her Back”, Robin bellows and beckons for Paula to return to his arms of love. The echoes of his shoulda, woulda, couldas are heard loud and clear and filled with raw emotion. The strumming of the guitar also adds to the catchiness that leaves the song bouncing in the listener’s head.

In comparison to his debut album A Beautiful World and the more recent, Blurred Lines, Robin just falls short of delivering anything of great substance other than sadness on Paula. On some songs it actually sounds as if he was crying in the studio while recording it. His fans deserve his full potential, pre-Paula project.

On Repeat: Get Her Back (Version Two), The Opposite Of Me (Version One), Still Madly Crazy // Production 2 // Lyrics 2 // Vocals 3 // Creativity 3 // Overall 2

Jelicia Saulter