The wicked whispers of temptation aren’t enough to shackle Atlanta rapper Raury as he evades evil in his enticing new video “Devil’s Whisper”.

The Andrew Donoho directed visuals illustrate Raury, along with his pals from hip-hop collective Two-9, celebrating with the spoils of fruit and wine before partying it up at an underground club.

The atmosphere then spirals into more evocative images of bizarre baptisms commencing outside the club and the same smiling faces turned grim with glowing sinister eyes all fixated on Raury.

The scene then shifts and the protagonist sprints across an open field where he’s chased by a malicious German Shepherd. I guess this is where he “runs from them” as the chorus demands.

The folk-style melody transitions into a grimy tempo where Raury lets loose a rapid-fire verse to end the ominous affair. Originally the track was thought to be a sequel to his 2014 joint “God’s Whisper”, but the video closes with a twist that leads us to believe it would be more accurately dubbed a prequel.

Photo By. Christina Inniss (© Urbanology Magazine Archives 2014)

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