“Dancemakers is kicking off its 41st season with perhaps the most dynamic change currently in contemporary dance,” says Dancemakers’ Executive Director, Robert Sauvey.

Dancemakers’ new Incubator Production House structure proposes a new way to think about dance making in Canada. Revealed at the 40th Anniversary Fundraising Gala, “Past, Present and Future,” Dancemakers announced the Incubator Production House (IPH), a revolutionary model that will be the home for new practices in contemporary dance in Canada. It will feature a newly appointed curator and three resident artists.

By increasing the number of core choreographers to three, and by providing each resident artist (RA) with individualized support over three years, new ideas and approaches will emerge through the collaborative between the RAs and the curator.

This new structure invites in a diversity of artists and practices and gives choreographers the resources and the opportunity to create new and challenging works for this generation and beyond.

Faduma Mohamed