Ottawa-based, Congo-born VNCHY presents the visuals for his single “Broke Dreams” from his EP Neverland.

The introspective song comes from a 19 year old who is already mature enough to look back and reflect on his struggles coming up and realize the sacrifices he’s made, and is willing to make, to pursue this career.

Produced by Prezident Jeff, VNCHY’s flow and delivery intertwines with the beat perfectly and helps to further convey the conviction in what he’s rhyming. And if there’s any question about VNCHY’s drive to succeed, the chorus makes it clear as he spits, I’m committed to the pain and I’d do the shit again.”

Scenes from the video include an eerie looking red headed female walking through a forest on her own with large piercing eyes. The content of “Broke Dreams” alongside the Prezident Jeff beat and the slow motion filming of the video all complement each other, making for solid introduction into the mind of VNCHY.