With its sleek design and lightweight, durable build, TomTom’s new Runner GPS is a must have for any person who stays active. Its large screen displays everything from heart rate zones and distance tracking to GPS location. Runners, bikers and swimmers alike will enjoy.

The water resistant device, which can go under water up to 165 feet deep, features a built-in heart monitor that is located under the watch and shines light green when turned on and activated. The watch is to be worn just above the wrist bone where the heart rate sensor light gets right to the capillaries of the wrist that connect to the heart.


The device is also compatible with many different online sources including the TomTom MySports website, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks and Strava to keep track of fitness progress. Essentially, the watch acts as a personal trainer by vibrating if a person slows down or stops activity completely and even providing encouragement to reach fitness goals.

With up to eight hours of battery life, these scratch resistant watches provide a way to monitor physical activity in style. In short, TomTom’s Runner GPS watch is the fashion-forward trainer that every active person needs.

Words By. Aliecia Brissett + Photos By. Candace Nyaomi