Charming can be best described as the art of being equipped with an attractive personality. Almost causing a fight between fans after throwing his hat into the crowd, that charm is a characteristic Nigerian recording artist Davido clearly possesses.

Widely known in the African community for major hits such as “Gobe”, “Dami Duro” and “One of a Kind”, the multi-platinum selling artist has now taken his talent on a worldwide tour. A part of the Skelewu Tour, Davido filled the grand Throne Nightclub with anticipating fans. Chandeliers, ceiling drapes and spacious VIP sections gave the venue a regal sophistication.


Afrobeats is an umbrella term for a genre composed of traditional African music intertwined with western pop culture. It’s fresh, funky and most importantly makes you want to dance. After dropping the video for “Skelewu”, Davido ignited a dance craze that sparked the demand for the artist to tour. The video, which had a Michael Jackson “Thriller” vibe, reflected an outbreak of uncontrollable dancing caused by listening to the song. One of the concert’s highlights included fans showing off their well-practiced moves without having to be instructed.

Davido also gave the fans a chance for them to show off their voice. The popular song “Aye” came on and fans started singing, while Davido looked into the crowd. A look of disbelief came over the 21-year-old’s face. Being born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Nigeria, Davido couldn’t have possibly imagined the magnitude of his success at beginning his journey.

Nigeria has proved to be the entertainment capital of Africa — maybe Kanye West might just sign Davido to G.O.O.D Music like fellow Nigerian artist D’Banj.

Words & Photos By. Moreblessing Munangwa

Moreblessing Munangwa is a fourth year Media Studies student pursuing a career in Journalism. From her humble beginnings at Rogers TV to being former Editor-in-Chief of Radix, the University of Guelph-Humber’s alumni newspaper, Munangwa has learned to continue pursing her passion for creativity. Writing has continued to be an outlet for her to spotlight community advocates, artists and entrepreneurs who often go unnoticed.

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