Google, and its technological genius, brings the world the future of Motorola, in the Moto X smartphone. Right out the box, all that was included was the device and charger, which is a wise choice as anything extra is commonly discarded. The sleek, curved design of the phone fits very comfortably in the hand. For a device that developers say was designed to cater to the needs of the consumer, this was definitely a good start. Immediately, I noticed the unusually extended life of the battery, as it wasn’t until the third day that I had to charge the phone, although I was browsing the web, making calls and downloading applications. The Quick Capture mode was very useful for scenarios where I wanted to pull the camera out quickly. With the flick of my wrist and the tap of the screen, I was able to take photos in seconds, as well as edit them right from the camera app. Features wise, the pulsing notification center was useful in checking missed messages without pressing a button, but the Google Now voice dictation feature on the phone left me unsure of its maximum potential. It’s supposed to only be able to be used by my voice, yet others who mimicked my voice had some success. It was also difficult getting used to the specific voice commands, as it wasn’t as conversational as I would have wished. After all is said and done this is a very good smartphone that can make a strong contender to compete with the best of them. Shakiyl Cox