Two comedy greats, Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer, are partnering up in a new sitcom called “Partners” premiering August 4 (August 7 on Global in Canada).

“Partners” marks the television return of Martin Lawrence. The show depicts the lives of two vastly different lawyers coming from completely different backgrounds meeting in court to face a personal crisis.

Lawrence plays Marcus Jackson, an activist going through a divorce, and he meets Allen Braddock (Grammer), an elitist lawyer who was recently fired from his father’s firm. With both of them going through rough times, the two develop a friendship and are forced to find balance between each other’s ethical views.

The show comes from the makers of “Girlfriends”, “The Game”, “Living Single” and “Designing Women”. The series kicks off at 9 p.m. ET/PT with back-to-back episodes on FX.

Words By. Matthew Anness

Matt Anness jumped into writing for Urbanology Magazine after completing a three-year Journalism Print & Broadcasting course at Durham College. Matt has done photography and reviewed live shows of artists like Elton John, Shawn Desman, Marianas Trench and Down With Webster. To date, Matt has written for The Chronicle (Durham College/UOIT newspaper), made video feature pieces, which have aired on television, and been featured on Riot Radio many times.

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