Don’t let the length of this project fool you. This three-song project from Toronto native Jon Vinyl is less than 10 minutes in length, but will give you everything you need and want from a full-length project.

As his name would suggest, Jon Vinyl’s style is a bit of a throwback compared to today’s trap-infused R&B sound. Think the neo-soul movement from the early 2000s. If you’re looking for slick-talking R&B or a little bit of feel-good vibes Dangerous delivers.

Title track “Dangerous” is a seductive song full of lines perfect for sliding into DMs or using on the dance floor at the club.

Jon continues the love affair through social media on “N29” as he sings about a woman loving all his pictures, all in his mentions and all on his mind. The production paired with Jon’s smooth voice make this a song you will certainly want to pull up again and again.

“Sundays”, which closes out the project, features another one of Toronto’s hidden gems, LOONY. It is a soothing melodic tune that captures the essence of each artist perfectly. The balance between the two Toronto artists and the jazz-inspired instrumentals creates an easy sound, perfect for those lazy afternoons.

If you haven’t heard of Jon Vinyl before, Dangerous will certainly have you digging through digital crates searching for more of his music. While his latest release is short and sweet, his talents are on full display and prove why he is worth a listen.

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