Jay Electronica officially drops his first track of 2015 after having it leaked to the internet prematurely, and first in almost a year. The song comes as somewhat of a surprise to everyone since Jay has not released any music since his last single, “Better In Tune With The Infinite.” “Road To Perdition” samples Jay Z’s voice from “Success” throughout the track, which after starting off with Ronald Reagan speech, Electronica spits bar after bar from beginning to the end, with some notable lines. His hard-hitting delivery is sure to make fans (and those that are unfamiliar with his work) pay close attention to every word he says. For now fans will have something to listen to while they continue to wait for, what seems to be forever, his upcoming album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). Maybe this will be the year we get a full length album from the New Orleans based rapper.

By: Abdikairm Hashi

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