“Unplugged, but still connected,” is what the makers of the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones promise. And they definitely deliver.

Out of the box, the headphones are incredibly user friendly and take only a few steps to set up. The wireless version of the Revo comes with a full range of accessories including a USB charging cable, wired audio cable for those times when wireless isn’t an option, and a protective bag.

The Revo connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, which means any of your compatible devices should have no problems connecting to the headset. A few of the unique features found on the headset include the motion of swiping your fingers around the earphone like a turntable to activate different functions – it is highly sensitive. It does take a few minutes to get used to these functions, but they do become second nature quickly.


The Revo also comes powered by Dolby for a digital audio sound that can be enhanced by the use of the “Jabra Sound App”. The app is a good download and certainly does give music an added boost, although some downloaded songs were unable to play through the app (songs bought off iTunes worked perfectly).

With the device tested on both an iPhone 5 and a Macbook Pro, listening to music was surprisingly crisp and powerful. Even at high volumes, bass heavy trap music didn’t seem distorted and some of the biggest bangers still came through clear as day. With a built-in microphone, the headset’s call quality was impressive; those on the other end of the phone hear your voice and your voice only.

The wireless Revo also offers a long 10m range, which means you can leave your device on the top level of a three storey town home and still use the headset in the basement. The headset performed well during intense workout sessions, although an ear budded version may be more appropriate.

With a price tag of $249, the Jabra Revo Wireless certainly packs a punch and delivers high quality audio with some impressive features; it’s definitely a headphone to consider.

Words By. Patrick Dennis Jr.

Patrick Dennis Jr., also known as PDJ, is a product of the era of limitless potential. Born and raised in Toronto, his diverse interests and talents are reflections of his city’s exposure to all things eclectic and new. Graduating with a degree in media studies from Toronto’s University of Guelph-Humber, Patrick brings with him skills vital to content creators in today’s digital era. A communications and public relations specialist, freelance writer, consultant, event host, podcast creator, broadcaster, and online journalist, he represents a new generation of versatile media professionals capable of doing it all.

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