Advertisers want to invade your Instagram timeline and take advantage of its 200 million-plus users. The company, owned by Facebook announced that ads would start appearing on the site in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

They began sponsored posts last year in the United States with companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Levi’s and Taco Bell. Instagram had already been placing sponsored ads in the streams of U.S. users since last year, which was the first time they monetized from their website. Up until that point, it remained add free only showing content from the users they follow.

The new ads will target users based on their user following and which photos and videos they like, as well as interests and “basic info” gathered from Facebook profiles.

Cameron Da Silva

Cameron Da Silva has always envisioned himself being apart of the ever-changing world of journalism. Currently completing his third and final year at Humber College in the Journalism Print and Broadcasting program, Cameron has been a writer and Biz/Tech section editor for the school’s newspaper, The Humber Et Cetera since September 2012. He published articles on a weekly basis and built contacts in the business and technology world. He has been able to combine his passions for reporting and hip-hop music by joining #TeamUrbanology as an intern in September 2013. Cameron has enjoyed his time covering concerts by some of his favourite artists like Joey Bada$$ and Mac Miller and has also opened his eyes to a new genre of reporting.

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