Bringing back a smooth ’90s nostalgia, Dro Pesci’s lead single “Time To Win” from his upcoming album Groundhog Day is a strong release for those new to the New York emcee. Produced by Sensei Walingh, Dro Pesci narrates a day in his life, just trying to make it and survive in a world where, “cops get away with murder when they shoot a man.” Though not on the same lyrical level, Dro’s third verse is reminiscent of the legendary Rakim, particularly his delivery and vocal tone. He brings back that feeling when rappers were more concerned about how sharp their pen game and mic presence was, rather than just about swag rapping over a dope beat. The visuals work well with the verses as the video goes through Dro’s day from praying to a statue of Mary while holding his rosary to smoking a blunt with his lady friend and later rocking the stage. Dro Pesci looks to drop his new album this summer 2015.