OVO Sound Radio has got its listeners playing a tantalizing game of “Guess Who?” after airing three hypnotic records by an artist known solely as dvsn.

Over the last few months, Producer Nineteen85 has unveiled songs “The Line”, “With Me” and the latest hit “Too Deep” while hosting the show.

The masterful producer is the man behind chart-toppers such as “Hotline Bling” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, which both dominated radio airwaves. It’s still uncertain whether he had a part to play in dvsn’s sound or if he’s simply shining the light on an incredible talent.

On “Too Deep” the cryptic vocalist wraps listeners in the welcomed era of old school R&B with each chapter of his trilogy, yet they all tell a different story and have a whole new feel.

While the previous two tracks have an inkling of modern flair weaved into the rhythm, “Too Deep” feels like it picks up where your favourite R. Kelly, Ginuwine and Aaliyah songs left off.

The track takes you down a smooth beat with fluctuating synths to complement the mood coming from dvsn’s soulful lyrics while choir-like background vocals electrify the atmosphere and handle the chorus.

dvsn still remains relatively unknown in more ways than one.

dvsn has received an avalanche of plays on his SoundCloud since first being featured on OVO Sound Radio, but still remains relatively unknown in more ways than one.

His emergence seems reminiscent of when The Weeknd first appeared on the scene, when his fan base desperately longed to put a face to the angelic voice that crooned such haunting lyrics.

Whether dvsn also hails from the 6ix or not remains a puzzle. Even after preeing his social media, and that of the OVO crew and affiliates, this may just be the hardest ‘dvsn’ problem you’ve ever tried to figure out.

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