DJ Agile and Ammoye’s sunkissed video for “Flavor” is filled with Caribbean vibes and just the right amount of flavor to make you forget winter for a few minutes.

Toronto-based DJ and super producer Agile teamed up with four-time Juno-nominated singer and songwriter, Ammoye, to deliver “Flavor” — the first track from Agile’s upcoming project We’re Never Done.

The music video encapsulates all the best aspects of summer into a hip-swaying homegrown chune.

The high energy song about craving your love when they’re gone fuses together familiar rhythms and sounds to create a cocktail of afro-beats, soca and dancehall stylings on a track.

From ice cream trucks and lollipops to DJ Agile dressed up as Friday’s Big Worm, the music video encapsulates all the best aspects of summer into a hip-swaying homegrown chune.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Cazhhmere, the flavourful music video has already racked up over 100,000 views on YouTube.  With over 14 years of industry knowledge and hundreds of music videos under her belt, Cazhhmere said she jumped at the chance to direct the video for Agile.   

“DJ Agile’s manager is a longtime industry friend of mine. So, when he said, ‘I need a video done with DJ Agile and Ammoye,’ I was like, ‘done. OK cool.’” 

Cazhhmere says when it came to finding inspiration for the music video’s visuals she focused on playing off of the name of the song. 

“The song is called “Flavor” so when they said, ‘let’s film on top of an ice cream truck,’ I said, ‘yeah that sounds cool.’”  From there Cazhhmere says they secured the necessary filming permits over a period of a month and went with the artistic flow, wrapping filming in just one day. 

Keysha Watson is a freelance journalist, photographer and hip-hop enthusiast from Toronto. Her work primarily follows music, entertainment, fashion, beauty and culture. She likes albums with introductions, journaling, free shipping and spontaneous vacations.

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