Toronto’s BLIS Music Group is progressively taking strides to flourish in the city’s bustling music scene. Sprouting almost six years ago by the high school ambitions of a rapper and a beat maker, Razz and Calabru have grown their initiative into a commendable business.

The latest from the group are the visuals for “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” by co-founder Calabru.

“No matter how far something may seem, if you really care about it you really got to push for it.” – Calabru

The Lapse Productions directed video was inspired by a long trip that required a plane, train and a bus for Calabru to see his girlfriend of two and a half years in Whistler, British Columbia where she took an internship this past January. The journey also acts as a metaphor for Calabru’s view on working toward his goals.

“No matter how far something may seem, if you really care about it you really got to push for it,” Calabru, whose full name is Stefan Calabrese, tells Urbanology Magazine. “If you don’t, you might miss out on an opportunity.”

PTA Single Art

The video provides views throughout the city, from the Billy Bishop Airport on the Toronto Islands to a railroad near Evergreen Brick Works. Even an aerial shot of a foggy Toronto was worked in to ride on the melancholy tone of the lyrics, written by Calabru himself.

While his debut single “Neverland” acted as Calabru’s introduction to the people and showcased his sound, energy and his team, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” stands as a project meant to illustrate the range of his musical abilities.

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