If you’ve been following Ras Kass’ career, then you’re no stranger to his critical observations and questions about religion. From the aptly titled album Blasphemy, entirely produced by Apollo Brown, here comes the video “How To Kill God.” With occasional scenes in and in front of a church, as well as an old, seemingly abandoned building, the visuals match the content, but contrast the lighter sound of the beat. “How To Kill God” is another to add to Ras’ catalog along the vein of “Nature Of The Threat” or “Interview With A Vampire,” as it has similar content, but is not nearly as dark as the other two tracks. Yet still the message hits home if you’re listening.  As the sample sets it off “And with the help, the help of almighty God I know, I know I can be strong,” the trumpets blare, almost sounding like a back and forth battle each time they sound, with the loop “strong” answering back. Razzy makes it clear, “I‘m not anti-Christ, not anti-Islamic, anti-Semite. Never.”  The only set back would be the low vocal tone Ras raps with as he’s almost overpowered by the previously praised sample and trumpets doing their own duet. Despite the minor misstep, the one-two punch of Apollo Brown and Ras Kass works on this one.