On this episode of The Curb podcast, Lahgic and Bluu reflect on the year gone by and highlight some of their favourite moments, ranging from Bluu’s foodie antics to Lahgic’s disappointment in the Raptors’ season end.

The hosts also sit down with tastemaker and blogger Arch Valenz who gives them the first official look at his annual Top 25 rappers in the GTA list and talks about the inspiration behind TheScrewfaceExchange.com. He also drops some insight on what it takes to make the list and where his love of music comes from. Not to mention his music knowledge is put on the spot and tested.

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All the best to our listeners in 2016!

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This episode was recorded December 20, 2015. | Recorded & engineered by@NorthEnglishYHW | Music by Nate Smith

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the hosts and guests, and not a reflection of the views and opinions of Urbanology Magazine as a company, its founders, its team members or its clients.

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