Toronto rapper 100 Bulletz released his debut album Keep It 100 on the second day of 2014, and has been promoting it ever since. His first music video paints a picture of his track “The Time I Almost Died”.

The video is directed and edited by Jake Janisse and depicts the story of hip-hop in a first person perspective.

The song is split up into two parts. The first half takes listeners through the birth of hip-hop and how its popularity spread until the ’90s. Clips feature everything from DJ Kool Herc in the 1970s to Will Smith in the ’90s and highlight much of what influenced hip-hop’s first two decades.

The second part is about September 7, 1996 – the day Tupac was shot and hip-hop came close to death. It includes footage of the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson boxing match Tupac was at hours before he was fatally shot, along with some of the last photos ever taken of the rapper.

Matthew Anness