LeiLa Dey, formerly known as PG, bares her heart and soul on her seven-track EP I’ve Arrived.

After a three-year hiatus, the Toronto-born songstress is ready to show fans and critics why her music was worth the wait. Dey took time away to master her craft after facing a few setbacks on her journey back into the industry.

I’ve Arrived details the growth of Dey and why she’s not letting her trials and hard times define her as a young woman and most importantly an artist.

LeiLa Dey uses her lyrics to illustrate what the less glamourous side of the music industry looks like.

I’ve Arrived EP cover

The three interludes on the EP (“Life”, “Glass House” and “Law”), along with the song “I Know” provide an in-depth look into Dey’s struggles throughout her music career.

Using her lyrics to illustrate what the less glamourous side of the music industry looks like, “I Know” roughly details how Dey and those around her are viewed in the industry and how gossip and rumors have affected her career in recent years. The singer has an ‘I don’t care anymore’ attitude, when it comes to the haters though, and brushes any negativity right off her shoulders.

Changing the pace, the singer who brought listeners the infectious single “Place For You” previously, hits a somber note as she pays tribute to the late Toronto native rapper Shane Redway on the song “Do You”, which he’s also featured on.

LeiLa Dey uses I’ve Arrived as a way to test the waters and show that she is rising above negativity and moving forward. Betrayal, mistrust and perseverance are the prominent themes on this emotionally driven EP.

Main Photo By. Lee Hon Bong (Urbanology Magazine 2014 Archives)

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