Designer of the Equinox clothing line, Sera Ghadaki uses both academic and societal inspiration to bring to life a line full of sleek blacks on versatile zipper jackets, and vibrant blues on signature high collar coats, perfect for the young, city dweller. Ghadaki knows how to use consciousness to bring about thought-provoking pieces.


WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR COLLECTION? The inspiration behind Equinox was to make a clothing line geared toward urban dwellers and thinking about how they really work. So I was really inspired to try to solve the dilemma of how can urban dwellers wear clothing that is aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and how could I actually help them through the night or help them kind of protect themselves, illuminate themselves — kind of one step further going into fashion with a little bit of technology into it.

HOW DOES THIS COLLECTION COINCIDE WITH PAST COLLECTIONS? I feel like my aesthetic is very much inspired by my background and studies in architecture, and other areas of design, a built environment I really try and incorporate. I’ve always been using custom prints and either from photographs or digitally manipulated prints, so that kind of motif is always there. But I feel like this collection is really different in that it’s a little more unisex than usual and especially with the lights just trying to incorporate and push things further a bit.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE PEOPLE TO FEEL IN YOUR CLOTHING? I strive to make clothing that makes people feel especially unique, unique how they are and one of a kind. Also, clothing that’s thought provoking.

Words By. Aliecia Brissett + Photos Courtesy Of. Raymond Chow