RoccStar is a young producer and songwriter who has already worked with a scroll of artists such as Chris Brown, Eminem, Timbaland and Usher. He’s also created his own production company called RoccAge, all before he turned 23. Now he is taking his talents to the mic and has released his new single “Confidence”, a track that explores the level of success he has reached at a ripe age.

The music video features a Hype Williams-esque style with the minimalist effect, minimal colour tones and widescreen effect. There are objects and animals, which symbolize power and wealth, shown throughout the video against the white background.

“Confidence” is the first single off of RoccStar’s debut album, which will be released on his birthday, October 31, 2014 on Atlantic Records. His production can be heard on Chris Brown’s upcoming album X, on the single Fine China.

Matthew Anness